I just got 1001 learners on my Common Lisp course on Udemy. Thanks everybody for your support, here or elsewhere!

Starting with CL was honestly not easy. The first thing I did was writing the “data structures” page on the Cookbook, bewildered that it didn’t exist yet. A few years and a few projects later, this course allows me to share more, learn more, have fun, and have some rewards to keep the motivation up.

I know the course isn’t complete by any means, I want to add many chapters, both advanced topics but easier material for newcomers as well (beware, my course isn’t for total beginners in a Lisp language). The next one, and soon©, will be all about CLOS. In the meantime, I don’t abandon you, I enhance the Cookbook, I publish some videos on Youtube (last one: web development in Common Lisp, part 1 and part 2), I work on starter kits or on newcomer-friendly libraries ;)

Thanks again,

don’t hesitate to share the link with a friend or a colleague ;)

Here’s a link with a coupon until March, 13th 2024. (student? Get in touch for a free link)