My Common Lisp journey. Discovering the language and the ecosystem. edit: and now writing apps and libraries.

Will post short articles about libraries, code snippets, other resources, tips and tricks, opinions. Much from reddit, more from my exploration. I port all I can to the Cookbook. I also keep a close eye on the Awesome-cl list. You should contribute to them !

Because Common Lisp is the most hidden world I know. It's puzzling and a shame, really.

I have some experience with a Lisp writting Emacs Lisp packages, but I mostly write wrote Python (and Javascript) at work and for my personal projects, for around six years. I'm frustrated by its limitations and I see great potential in CL for web apps, specially with the awesome update of Weblocks going on, so this will be the direction of my wanderings. edit: awesome, I contributed :)

I'm vindarel on Github and Gitlab: (and “dzecniv” on reddit).

My CL projects you could make use of:

  • str - a simple and consistent string manipulation library
  • replic - helps build readline applications from an existing library in no time. It brings the REPL, the help system, a system to quickly define the completion of a command's arguments, etc. It came naturally after writing a couple readline apps (with cl-readline which I'm only the new maintainer).
  • cl-torrents - a CLI, terminal and (very simple) GUI tool to search for torrents on popular trackers. With a Weblocks client nearly ready.

Discuss (and share tips ?) on