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Let me try something: I propose you here to buy the ePub, even though it is meant to be available for free.

I contributed quite a lot to the Cookbook and I found since the beginning that having an EPUB and/or a PDF version would be very useful. Some years later, nobody did it, and I finally wrote a script to bundle all the pages together and generate an ePub, and then a PDF. It isn’t finished though, it needs more editing, and it would also be great to write a proper LaTeX style for the PDF. As I have one version on disk, I thought on giving potential supporters the opportunity to read it and fund the remaining work, or simply give a sign of encouragement. It’s also the opportunity for me to try this new Ko-fi feature, and to practice speaking about financial support…

Let’s turn it another way: if you support me, here’s a reward for you, an exclusivity. And in any case, hold on, this ePub will eventually be available for everybody.


ps: About money: yes, it does a difference right now, because I don’t have a fixed, nor big, income. I am trying to live on my free software activities. I have a few clients, but not enough, so I’m trying to diversify and get some earnings from my Lisp work. I even pay lisp contributors to write free software (we are currently adding Stripe payments to a web application. When it’s done, you’ll know everything about it). So, the money has an impact.