In this video I want to demo real-world Lisp stuff I had trouble finding tutorials for:

  • how to create a CL project:
    • what’s in the .asd file?
    • what’s a simple package definition?
    • how do we load everything in our editor (Emacs and SLIME here)?
  • how to set up tests?
    • and how to run them from the terminal?
    • and (WTF) how to get the correct exit code????
  • how to build a binary in order to run our app from the terminal?
    • and so, how to get command-line arguments?
    • but also, can I run my app from sources, without building a binary?
  • what’s Roswell and how do I share my app with it?

Let’s find out (it’s 5 minutes long):

I use my project generator: cl-cookieproject. See setup, alternatives, limitations and TODOs there. You will also find a similar generator for web projects.

If you find it useful, share the video!