print-licenses is a little utility found in Steve Losh’s gigantic utilities and ported to a stand alone project.

Example usage:

  (print-licenses 'fast-io)
  alexandria           | Public Domain / 0-clause MIT
  babel                | MIT
  cffi                 | MIT
  cffi-grovel          | MIT
  cffi-toolchain       | MIT
  fast-io              | NewBSD
  static-vectors       | MIT
  trivial-features     | MIT
  trivial-gray-streams | MIT
  uiop                 | Unspecified

It may be available on february, 2018 Quicklisp update (request).

One potential source of caution (feedback on reddit):

what many authors put as the license in their asd file is not the license file that is actually included in the source code.

Let’s read the source, there are many useful bits. The core of the job is:

(defun print-licenses (quicklisp-project-designator)
  (print-table (sort (license-list quicklisp-project-designator)
                     :key #'car)))

(defun license-list (quicklisp-project-designator)
    (mapcar (alexandria:rcurry #'coerce 'list)
            (alexandria:flatten (license-tree quicklisp-project-designator)))
    :key #'car :test #'string=))

(defun license-tree (quicklisp-project-designator)
  (let ((sys (ql-dist:dependency-tree quicklisp-project-designator)))
    (assert (not (null sys)) ()
      "Cannot find Quicklisp project for designator ~S"
      (ql:quickload quicklisp-project-designator))
      (lambda (s)
        (vector (slot-value s 'ql-dist:name)
                (or (asdf:system-license
                        (ql-dist:system-file-name s)))

and those are the remaining building blocks, with a useful print-table function, and three of them taken from Quickutil. See their website and how sjl does to include them (and only them, to keep lightweight dependencies) in a project without copy-pasting.

(defmacro shut-up (&body body)
  "Run `body` with stdout and stderr redirected to the void."
  `(let ((*standard-output* (make-broadcast-stream))
         (*error-output* (make-broadcast-stream)))

;; from Quickutil.
(defun map-tree (function tree)
    "Map `function` to each of the leave of `tree`."
    (check-type tree cons)
    (labels ((rec (tree)
                 ((null tree) nil)
                 ((atom tree) (funcall function tree))
                 ((consp tree)
                  (cons (rec (car tree))
                        (rec (cdr tree)))))))
      (rec tree)))

;; from Quickutil
(defun aesthetic-string (thing)
  "Return the string used to represent `thing` when printing aesthetically."
  (format nil "~A" thing))

;; from Quickutil
(defun weave (&rest lists)
  "Return a list whose elements alternate between each of the lists
`lists`. Weaving stops when any of the lists has been exhausted."
  (apply #'mapcan #'list lists))

(defun print-table (rows)
  "Print `rows` as a nicely-formatted table.
  Each row should have the same number of colums.
  Columns will be justified properly to fit the longest item in each one.
    (print-table '((1 :red something)
                   (2 :green more)))
    1 | RED   | SOMETHING
    2 | GREEN | MORE
  (when rows
      (with column-sizes =
            (reduce (curry #'mapcar #'max)
                    (mapcar (curry #'mapcar (compose #'length #'aesthetic-string))
                            rows))) ; lol
      (for row :in rows)
      (format t "~{~vA~^ | ~}~%" (weave column-sizes row))))